We don't think creating our composite door is only about choosing the best quality materials.

Or including the highest standard features.

Or providing beautiful decorative fittings.

We think creating a truly great front door is about putting our ideas to the test. Again and again. Under strict scientific conditions.

So we spend a lot of time thinking about what your door goes through. We haven't quite written its life story - but we have thought about the wear and tear it puts up with all day, every day. The bangs, the knocks and the day the new sofa got stuck.

And because we know not every admirer of your home has good intentions we asked the BSI to pretend to be burglars. Short of dressing up with stripey jumper and swag bag, they try the security of your door with crow bars, sledge hammers, credit cards and other tools of destruction. Then they swing a 30 kg ball into the door in nine different places to check it will stand up to shoulder barge.

We've tested the security and durability of our composite door again and again.

We got the Kitemark - so you'll give it top marks.

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