Style - With knobs on

Your place, your taste - right?

That means finding the right furniture and fittings to suit your home. From carpets and sofa in the living room - to the perfect taps and bath in the er... bathroom.

An aficionado of the ultra modern - or tempted by the traditional?

Whether you want the matching set in gorgeous gold, contemporary chrome or understated black. We've designed everything from knockers to numbers and from handles to hinges as a complete suite - and a complete treat for your home. So you'll have a guaranteed perfect colour matched finish.

And a front door you're proud to come home to.

Get dressed up

Diamonds are meant to be a girl's best friend. But we're more excited about gold. Not the usual finished kind that tarnishes. The specially toughened gold in our gold hardware suite. Because doors get battered by storms, over enthusiastic visitors - and your favourite ring.

Honest. It may be a celebration of eternal love or simply something nice you treated yourself to, but rings can play serious havoc with gold door handles, numbers and knockers. That's why we've designed all our gold door hardware to withstand even the harshest elements. And look fantastic too.

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