The key to feeling secure

Your home will never have an insecurity complex with a door.

We fit the lock flush into your door. Then we add three locking points for even more security.

So when you lift the handle the top and bottom bolts are thrown.

The third bolt engages when the key is turned making you and your home safe and secure. It's a bit like having your own personal bouncer at home.

Get the best edge for your wedge

You use your front door every day unless you climb out of the window to get to work.

Your door needs to stay its very best in the face of action - whether you're off to work, treating the trick-or-treaters or rushing in to catch the very last episode of your favourite series.

In the face of action the smallest detail has to look good. So we finish the edge of your door with grained PVC. Then we trim and mill its edges to a fine radius. We think about these details so your door lasts for life. Whatever you feel like getting up to.

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